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What is Christianity all about?

That’s a good question and not easy to say in a few words.

It’s about a God of power and love, a God who created the world in which we live and who has remained involved with creation ever since. This God we call Father, who with the Son and the Holy Spirit makes up a Trinity of love.

Although many people turned their backs on God and forgot the ways of peace and justice, God never forgot us. He sent his Son, Jesus, who was born into our world and lived a fully human life, teaching people about the ways of God and asking  them  to return to the living God.

Jesus was eventually put to death by the authorities although he was innocent of any crime. But that was not the end. 

Christians believe that by his life and death, for each of us the way was opened for us to know, worship and follow God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to be the people that  God always intended us to be and to live a life of praise, service to others  and thanksgiving to God.

Sometimes we get it wrong, but God is a God of forgiveness and mercy - which is just as well!


What is Methodism about?

To find out more about Methodism visit our About Methodists page.


Further study

As Christians we seek to know more about what God wants us to do and to be.  We do this by regular Bible study and by exploring and seeking to understand our faith better.

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