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 Steve's message

Dear Friends

As I write this, we are experiencing a real heat wave and the garden is looking scorched, and the warning is not to go out in the sun until Friday! 

The news also tells us that it is not over and we can expect temperatures to go on increasing over the next few years.

When it comes to creation, I usually wait until Harvest to talk about the effect of humans on the planet!

But this weather does remind us of the changes to the planet, the effects that we humans have had on God’s beautiful planet.

We need to go out of our way to do as much as we can.

We are called to be Christ’s disciples; we are called to be fully involved in the life and issues of our world, God’s world!

Dear friends, enjoy the summer, get to rest in the Lord and then let us start the New Methodist year with vigour and enthusiasm. 

We have our new Clavinova so let’s enhance our Worship. We have plans for a refurbished kitchen and church so please give generously to our building scheme that we will launch in September.

Most of all let Christ fill you with his Life and his Spirit and the Joy of knowing him as Lord and Saviour. 

God bless


Revd Stephen Poole